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Why Does Your Business/Organization Need a Website?

♦ Every second of every day, 4,907 Google searches, 7,252 tweets, 125,406 YouTube video views and 2,501,018 emails sent.

♦ The number of people using the Internet doubles every 100 days.

♦ The very moment you establish a Website, your Business or Organization is open to the entire World. No longer do you need to have an office across the state or even across town. You can run your business right out of your home if necessary. The best part is that your Website is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The World will come to you.

♦ E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is available to anyone wishing to take advantage of it.

♦ Retail commerce, as we have known it in the past, is on the decline. Hence most large retail organizations (Wal-Mart, K-Mark, Sears, Barnes and Noble, Amway and countless others) have begun selling merchandise via their Website rather than solely depending on the customer coming to their store. This trend will increase tremendously in the future. Business is no longer limited to a single location. It is wherever someone has access to your Website.

What Is Involved In Establishing Your Website?

♦ Determine what it is that you have to offer. If you have a “hard product” such as clothing, baskets, food, flowers, tires, etc. you need to consider how to get your product to your customer. If you have a “soft product” such as a service like a haircut, dental appointment, legal advice, etc. you need to consider how to get the customer to your business.

♦ You need to establish your Domain Name such as “MyBusiness.com”. Once your domain is registered, you have exclusive rights to it to use in your advertising, business cards, etc.

♦ Design your Website. What features do you need? (forms, company logo, links to other sites, product pictures, database) How often does it need to be updated?

♦ Find a “Host” for your Website. This is where your Website will be running so the Internet can access it. There are many providers of this service on the local and national level.

♦ Publish your Website to your Host and Search Engines. Websites are secure in that they require a user ID and password before they can be edited. This assures that only authorized persons update your Website.

How Soon Can My Website Be Ready?

♦ It depends on how elaborate you want it to be. Because your Website is yours, great care will be taken to assure it meets your needs. Since your Host can usually have your account ready within 24 hours, at least a “model” of your Website can be published to the Host soon after. This gives you the advantage of being able to see the progress of your Website as it is built. You simply access it via your web browser. Various color schemes and fonts can be changed as needed until you are satisfied.

♦ Once you are satisfied with the content of your Website, simply begin making its existence known. Sometimes your customers will find you. One site that was under development received over 100 “hits” before it was even finished.